Our Approach

Our approach is underpinned by decades of combined experience in project development; from securing sites and grid connections to EPC and operations and maintenance. We work closely with all parties in the development process including investors, landholders, regulators and offtakers to develop excellent projects. We know how to get projects developed on-budget and on-time ensuring all our partners benefit from ACEnergy’s market leading development process.

With a successful track record of more than 20 projects across Australia, we are a proven partner in renewable energy project development.  

How We Deliver

We have extensive experience across the development value chain from securing investment to operations and maintenance.

Danny Wilkinson

Head of Development

“We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and take great pride in engaging with local communities throughout the lifecycle of each of our projects."

Co-locating projects with existing connection infrastructure is the core of our business and we take great pride in our work. We take great care to consider stakeholders agricultural requirements and work with them to ensure the project is utilising their least productive land.

Project planning and environmental impact due diligence are areas we specialise in, and over time, we have learnt to evaluate countless land aspects and adopt our learnings into current and future projects.

With locals in mind, our core Community Engagement objectives are to be honest, innovative, flexible and transparent at each stage of the engagement process. We keep residents informed about project activities and impacts through timely notification and ongoing access to up-to-date information. Ultimately, ensuring the commitments made to the community are monitored, evaluated and kept.

With over 1.1GW of delivered projects to date, and as the first to receive Victorian state government approval for two BESS projects with a combined capacity of 350MW in early 2021, we play an integral part in the federal government's net zero initiatives.  

Joel Prata

Head of Grid

“A vital enabler of the successful deployment of renewable projects is selecting the locations where the operation of generation and storage projects would work in concert with the network.”

At ACEnergy, our approach for selecting locations for renewable projects involves thoroughly analysing the grid's physical characteristics and the load's behaviour, utilising publicly available information and site surveys.  

The process begins by selecting areas with network assets sufficiently rated to support generation and storage of the intended capacity. This also involves assessing historical energy flows and long-term forecasts to estimate growth trends and ensure an accurately sized generation or storage asset will add value to the network with minimum risk of curtailment.  

We have significant experience with grid connection processes and interacting with Network Service Providers (NSP) in Victoria and New South Wales. Our successful track record of connecting solar generation demonstrates our capability to progress through the grid connection process within the minimum time allowed by NSP processes. Our in-house grid integration and design teams reduce reliance on external consultants, helping mitigate resource risk during the connection process.

James Wadden

Financial Investment Manager

“We’re not just developers, we’re committed partners in Australia’s journey towards a sustainable energy future.”

At ACEnergy, our deep commitment to Australia’s renewable energy transition is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the critical role of strong, strategic partnerships in driving the sector forward. Our focus is clear, we exclusively develop solar and battery energy storage systems (BESS) throughout the Network Electricity Market.  

We seek to align with investors who share our vision and commitment to the transition. These investors range from local communities and government to large corporations, private equity investors and commercial banks.  

Taking a long-term view of our projects is fundamental to our approach. By retaining equity shares, we ensure long-term success and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our projects and Australia’s clean energy future.  

Jane Bai

Senior Project Development Engineer

“With expertise at each stage of project development, ACEnergy leverages exceptional knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver results from design inception through to operation.”

At ACEnergy, we bring a wealth of expertise in renewable energy project development and engineering. Our dedication to driving sustainable energy solutions coupled with our in-depth understanding of solar and battery technologies, knowledge of electrical design principles, renewable energy planning policies and environmental assessments, allows us to navigate complex development procedures and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Our approach to conducting land feasibility studies ensures optimal placement and layout design for renewable energy projects, maximizing their efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition to our technical knowledge, the team’s comprehensive grasp of renewable energy project engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), as well as operational aspects, allows us to identify and proactively address potential challenges. Our strategic insights and project management skills contribute to seamless project execution, fostering long-term viability and success.

Meet our team members

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Our Mission

It is our mission to develop high-quality utility-scale renewable energy projects that benefit local communities, reduce emissions and deliver returns for investors.

Our Services

We have extensive experience across the development value chain from securing investment to operations and maintenance.


  • Land Identification & Site Acquisition
  • Project Planning & Project Management
  • Development Application Process Management
  • Connection Application Design & Management

Grid Connection

  • Preliminary design  
  • Detailed design  
  • DNSP communication  
  • Termination works  

Design and Engineering

  • Turn key full project scope design
  • Chartered professional engineering sign off
  • Owner’s engineering service
  • Onsite installation support   

Offtake Agreements

  • Collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders
  • Partnering with energy retailers, NSPs (Network Service Providers), corporate business, or local communities
  • Creating sustainable and advantageous energy solutions 

Financial Services

  • Engaging and working with potential investors
  • Collaborating with banks to secure senior debt services, ensuring projects have solid financial foundations
  • Providing financial modelling and commercial analysis services  

Our results in numbers

Projects Completed


Capacity Delivered

1.1 GW


2.7 GW

Hear from our clients 

ACEnergy is partnering with local governments across Australia's renewable energy development hotspots

“Excellent service, the team explained the process so that I could understand quite easily which was a big thing for me. They restructured the project design to fit with my farming practises and allowed sheep grazing within the site boundaries.”


- Coleambally

"The development team were contactable and always answered the phone to provide me with information when I needed it."


- Raywood

"ACEnergy were good and easy to deal with. Very courteous and always willing to answer questions for me."


- Wyuna

"ACEnergy were fair when changing lease terms and the development team kept us well informed throughout the entire planning process before they started construction."


- Goornong

"ACEnergy did a good job developing the solar farm. They notified me of any environmental specialists scheduled to visit the land and the team were easy to get along with."


- Dubbo
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