Our Commitment

ACEnergy is committed to working in partnership with local communities, developing renewable energy projects that benefit people and the planet while delivering returns for investors.  

As well as developing projects, we can hold them for the long-term ensuring we take a responsible approach to development with community input at its heart.  


ACEnergy wants to be in the communities in which we operate for the long-term. That means working closely with the community as we develop renewable energy projects and building assets that locals can be proud of. We believe building sustainable and rewarding relationships with local communities is of critical importance to the success and acceptance of our renewable energy projects.

Hear from our clients 

ACEnergy is partnering with local governments across Australia's renewable energy development hotspots

“Excellent service, the team explained the process so that I could understand quite easily which was a big thing for me. They restructured the project design to fit with my farming practises and allowed sheep grazing within the site boundaries.”



“The development team were contactable and always answered the phone to provide me with information when I needed it.”



“ACEnergy did a good job developing the solar farm. They notified me of any environmental specialists scheduled to visit the land and the team were easy to get along with.”




Investors and capital have an important role to play in supporting the energy transition and achieving decarbonisation targets. ACEnergy works with a range of investors who share our values and commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate. We are dedicated exclusively to the development of renewable energy assets within Australia. Our primary focus is on solar and BESS, leveraging these technologies to drive the transition to clean energy here at home.

Our approach to development and long-term mindset means we can help investors achieve strong returns while helping to address climate change. We want to work with partners who understand the enduring value of renewable energy assets and are prepared to support these projects over an extended period.


At ACEnergy we fully understand the critical role landowners play as we transition towards decarbonisation. We have trusted, experienced representatives across Australia and we are committed to provide an end-to-end solution for landowners, taking into consideration the complex environmental impacts and co-location requirements to existing network infrastructure

Our Process

Thoroughly evaluate land before commencing development
Work closely with interested landowners to strategically locate opportunities that meet both landowner's expectations and our own
Tailor each design around current farming practices and ensure that relevant guidelines are adhered to

As a trusted partner, we provide:

Reliable long term passive income
Experienced and professional service from site selection to asset management
Leadership team with a proven record of delivery
Ongoing progress reports throughout the project lifecycle
A dedicated representative to answer any queries or concerns