BESS Portfolio

We at ACEnergy are proud to have completed an impressive BESS portfolio of 22 projects, successfully contributing to the global energy transition. This feat hasn't been accomplished overnight; our dedication, precision, and industry expertise have led us to achieve this remarkable milestone.

535MW / 1.07GWh delivered

The sum of these initiatives equates to a total of 535 MW/ 1.07GWh delivered, a significant accomplishment in the world of renewable energy. Each megawatt represents not just power generated, but a testament to our commitment towards a sustainable future.

End-to-End Management

ACEnergy takes pride in our comprehensive, end-to-end management of all projects. We led the complete development processes, beginning with meticulous site selection and acquisition. Our experts navigated the intricate complexities of development applications, working tirelessly to ensure that all the necessary provisions were in place.

In addition to these early-stage tasks, we take responsibility for the engineering designs that underpin each of our projects. Our team carried out rigorous grid studies and oversaw connection applications, ensuring that the energy we produce is seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

In every stage of the project, from the drawing board to the grid, ACEnergy has committed to ensuring the highest quality of execution. We believe that delivering renewable energy solutions goes beyond construction. It's about embedding a sustainable future within the heart of every project we undertake.

Among the many projects we've developed, the 250MW/550MWh Pine Lodge large-scale transmission BESS,  and the 250MW/550MWh Gnarwarre Big BESS stand out as shining examples of our capabilities and proficiency in renewable energy development.

Other recently delivered projects include: