Solar Portfolio

Embarking on our journey towards a renewable future, ACEnergy made its initial strides with solar farms. We take pride in having developed a remarkable portfolio of 25 solar farms, paving the way in the global shift towards renewable energy sources.

This accomplishment is not an overnight achievement but the result of our unwavering dedication, precise execution, and in-depth industry knowledge.

312MW Generated

Our solar projects have collectively generated a substantial total of 312 MW, making a significant impact on the renewable energy transition. Each megawatt generated not only symbolises the power we have harnessed from the sun but also embodies our enduring commitment to a sustainable and green future.

End-to-End Development

At ACEnergy, our role goes beyond being project managers. Our involvement starts at the earliest stage with careful site selection and acquisition, ensuring the optimal environment for our solar installations. Our seasoned experts skilfully navigate the complex corridors of development applications, sparing no effort to ensure all requirements are met to the highest standard.

As we transition into the execution phase, our responsibility extends to the innovative engineering designs that form the foundation of our projects. Our teams conduct thorough grid studies and manage connection applications to ensure our solar power generation aligns perfectly with existing power infrastructures.

Our approach to project execution is meticulous, from inception to grid integration. We at ACEnergy firmly believe that our mission transcends construction - it's about weaving sustainability into the very fabric of every project.

Project Portfolio

Among our extensive solar projects, the Derby Solar Farm and the Distribution Solar Farm Portfolio serve as bright beacons of our capabilities and expertise in the field of renewable energy. They not only underline our technical competence but also highlight our steadfast commitment to ushering in a solar-powered future.